Wisdom is applied knowledge, therefore memory is the foundation of wisdom.

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The physical act of taking notes enhances memory encoding and storage. Reviewing notes increases the amount and breadth of information retrieved.

Keeping notes is a useful practice with a number of benefits, some of them even monetary. …

It was 1983, and the Internet was an infant with fresh poo in its diaper, cooing for attention. Now an aging millennial, the diaper is long gone. The cries for attention, however, have become the raucous worldwide cacophony of the digital age.

And the poo? It’s everywhere, as you can…

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“Voice hoarse, I heaved a huge shoulder-slumping sigh. I’d just wanted to maximize the thing. Instead there I was yelling at all the kids on my lawn, throwing rocks at a cloud, ranting on about non-existent terms like Trust-Driven-Development. Who hurt me, you ask?”

It was the forth annual company…

Ty Walls

I'm a software engineer in love with creating and learning. (https://www.tygertec.com)

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